Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to our most common questions asked

Your applications inbox is where you can review all pending job applications. Accessing your pending tasks is only authenticated via your secure link token sent to you via email. If you see the message “No pending tasks” please click the secure link in your email received from the Hub to be redirected back to your applications inbox page.

Yes, CSOs can provide services. They would be required to register under another (service provider account) meeting all necessary requirements.

This feature is currently being developed. You can currently make payments via the accounts below: 

CHEQUE: If you are providing payment via cheque, you can mail it to our address below, or you are welcome to drop it off in person.

Address: 13 Anderson Street, Saint, Trinidad and Tobago.

Please make out any cheque payments to: The Cropper Foundation.

Bank Deposit: If you are providing payment via bank deposit, you can visit any Republic Bank Limited branch, or via online bank transfer, and deposit funds into our account below:

Name of account holder: The Cropper Foundation

Name of bank: Republic Bank Limited, Long Circular Mall Branch.

Account number: 560 138 819 901 (TTD).

Account type: Checking.

Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. You can read our Privacy Policy here, as it is part of our Terms of Service, for further information.

For the safety of all parties involved, all payments are made through the Hub. CSO Go will not be able to assist you if you pay your provider outside of the platform. In a case where you are asked to use an alternative payment method, please Contact Us immediately.

Yes, changes can to the Contract of Agreement at any point before the Job Duration is reached. All changes must be agreed upon by both the CSO and the Provider.

Both the CSO and the Service Provider can request to make changes to the Contract in question. All changes must be agreed upon by both the CSO and the Provider.

Both parties can raise concerns with matters pertaining to their Job transaction. In the event where the Hub’s Administration cannot resolve a matter, the Steering Committee will be consulted to review the situation. This process of resolving a matter will take up to five (5) working days. Should an agreement not be reached within this time, parties can take legal action where they see fit. Note that at this point the Hub is no longer involved.

No, only registered users can post (CSO) and apply (Service Provider) for Jobs.

Some training material is available to the general public, however to gain full access to training material and full site features, you must be an approved member.

All CSOs registered under the NPO Registration Act 2019 as well as the Company’s Act can register for CSO Go. We encourage all CSOs to become registered under the NPO Registration Act 2019.