Terms of Use

Term and Conditions

By accessing and using this service, you accept and agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions. Any participation with this service and it’s administration will be regarded as acceptance of this and as such, you shall be subject to any posted guidelines or rules applicable to such services. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, please refrain from the use of this website and service. 

Please read the following carefully:

Key terms and definitions

  • This Hub offers a service which connects Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) to Service Providers (SP). 
  • Civil Society Organisations may include non-governmental and not-for-profit groups, faith-based groups, community-based organisations and others which meet our minimum eligibility requirements.
  • Service Providers are professional and experienced contractors or freelancers who can provide a quality service or job to an employer. 

Account Holders

  • Registration details must be as accurate and complete as possible. 
  • Each user can register for one CSO account and/or one Service Provider account if they satisfy the requirements of both.
  • The Hub maintains the right to refuse registration to any party deemed unacceptable.  

Use of Services 

  • Intentional attempts to deceive or misinform will lead to being barred from further use of the hub and may include criminal penalties if any national laws have been broken.
  • Services being accepted is at the discretion of the CSO.
  • Matches are made using special keywords and tags. The responsibility for searching for other additional candidates lies with the CSO and SP.
  • CSOs and SP agree to a price, deliverables and other specifics, without intervention from the administration of the Hub
  • The SP must provide regular updates on the progress of their work to the CSO they are being employed by (timeframe to be specified between the two parties as to when Checkpoints will occur). 
  • Contact between parties may be monitored and used for resolution disputes or any other legitimate purposed related to the function of the site.
  • SP must provide their service within the time frame agreed on in their contract unless written approval is given by the CSO for an extension.  This should be agreed on by both parties and be documented by both to avoid future disagreements.
  • Late delivery will be addresses on a per-case basis.
  • Cancellations by either party must be agreed upon in writing with adequate justification and acceptance by both parties. 
  • Cancellations of a request for service must be done via the appropriate section of the website dedicated to this.
  • Changes to any policies by the administration may occur and will be accompanied by the appropriate notifications to all parties.


  • Once the project is completed, the SP must request final payment from the Hub and this process may take up to 7 working days.
  • All payment transactions occur through the Hub.
  • CSO must provide the Hub with the balance of payment within 5 working days of completed work.
  • Unused/unclaimed balances will be addressed on a per-case basis.
  • Inactive users will be contacted and may be removed from the site.
  • The Hub acts as an agent of payment between the CSO and SP and will provide receipts and invoices to be automated on the site itself.
  • Use of vouchers or coupons may be allowed in certain circumstanced based on donor availability. CSOs are only allowed to redeem a voucher for a service and cannot be exchanged for cash. Therefore, they hold no monetary value outside of the Hub.
  • Claims of inappropriate source of funds such as fraud or money laundering will cause a delay of transfer of funds. 
  • If users are being limited from using their source of funds by any action of their banking institution or any Governmental body or agency, this information must be made available to the Hub.
  • All taxes and legal filings are the responsibility of the individual parties.

Communications and Notifications

  • All communications will be done via the email address given at the time of registration.
  • Un-subscription from the Hub may be done at any time, only if a project is not currently being advertised or if a service is not currently being provided.
  • At any point the Hub reserves the right to temporarily suspend an account if internal investigations are being conducted. Users will be notified of this and have the right to request information about the suspension. 
  • Warnings will be issued for cases of misconduct.
  • In the event of external input such as hacking which affects your use of the Hub, written correspondence must be given alerting the Hub of this.
  • Within one week of the stipulated start date, the SP must start the service or provide written correspondence accounting for the delay. Failure to start the job in a timely manner may result in a loss of the job offer. 
  • If the scope of the project changes during progress, the SP may raise a need for additional funds to be paid. This must be agreed on by both parties as additional charges and presented in writing.
  • The SP has the right to refuse or deny additional work outside the scope of the original agreement.
  • After final payment is received, it is assumed that the CSO was fully satisfied and will not raise any further objections to the service provided.

Property Rights and Ownerships

  • Copyright and ownership rights of any work produced, including confidentiality of any documents must be stated in the terms and conditions. 

Safety and Inclusivity

  • Operational Health and Safety protocols must be available for workers who will be conducting services on site.
  • Reasonable accommodations must be made for persons with disabilities.

Disputes Between or Amongst Users

  • If the service provided is not satisfactory to the CSO, the SP will be provided with an additional time frame to correct their work or to complete the project. This can be predetermined in the contract signed by both parties.
  • CSO must state why the completed work was not up to their satisfaction with supporting documents or evidence. Proof of errors, poor quality, unmet industry standards can all be included. 
  • Disputes and conflicts will be mediated by the Hub initially and to the best effort possible but the Hub reserves the right to opt out of mediation if resolve is not achieved after considerable attempts. Any disputes which have taken legal action will fall outside the purview of the Hub.
  • Good faith is expected to be exercise by all parties during conflict resolution. 

Violation of these Terms 

  • Users who violate these terms and agreements may be subject to disbarment from the use of the site and services and any legal or regulatory consequences as deemed necessary. 
  • The administration may also remove any existing data from the profiles, site or database should an account holder be suspended or expelled from usage. 


  • No third party agreements may be entered beyond that of the Hub, CSO and SP unless written permission is given.
  • Feedback in the form of reviews must be honest, fair and consistent with the rules of posting (no defamatory language, abuse, coercion).

Latest Update – 2021