CSO Spotlight: Las Cuevas Eco Friendly Association Tours

What is the Name of your organisation?

Las Cuevas Eco Friendly Association Tours

Las Cuevas Eco Friendly Association Tour
Las Cuevas Eco Friendly Association Tour

How can people find you? (website, social media links etc)



WhatsApp +1868 309 0113

How was your organisation formed?

As Villagers while walking the beach we used to encounter carcasses of turtles, we then heard of the importance of the Sea turtles and decided to engage in protecting them, we form a group of Mostly ladies, got trained and registered.

What area(s) of interest does your organisation have? What does your organisation do for your stakeholders? What problems do you aim to solve for them?

Our area of interest is conservation, we collect data for our stakeholders, funding is a major problem for our stakeholders.

Las Cuevas Eco Friendly Association Tour
Las Cuevas Eco Friendly Association Tour: Data Collection

What was your most challenging experience/ project? How did you get through it? What made you stick with it to the end?

Most challenging experience is years of data collection with no funding, we stick with it because Trinidad is the last greatest hope for leatherback sea turtles, they need our protection to survive.

What is the coolest thing you’ve achieved/ project you’ve been a part of or executed? What benefits did it deliver? What change did it cause, create, or enable?

The coolest thing I’ve achieved is getting persons to join our conversation efforts.
The benefits it delivered was having those same people going back to their respective communities wanting to protect turtles themselves.
It gives the turtles a more greater chance at laying their eggs

Las Cuevas Eco Friendly Association Tour
Las Cuevas Eco Friendly Association Tour

7.Do you have anything else you’d like to add? What should people know about your organisation? Do you have any tips or advice you’d like to share?

We are an NGO, we are looking for volunteers.
Tip: Support turtle groups by booking your tour with the community groups that provide turtle protection and tours.

8. In a perfect world where you have all the resources necessary, what would your dream project be and what would want it to achieve.

Our dream project would be a hatchery program, where we collect the eggs that’s too close to the water edge place them in a safe container until they emerge then keep them in a tank until they are juveniles a greater chance of hatchling survival.

9. Are there any upcoming events, good news, or announcements you’d like to share with readers?

Turtle watching tours are available EVERYNIGHT to any amount of persons at an extremely reasonable price $25 TT per child 0 – 17 years and $50 TT per adult , we’re located 45 minutes from Port of Spain, no permits needed.

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