International Widows’ Day – Widows Association of Trinidad and Tobago

The Widows Association of Trinidad and Tobago (WATT) was  incorporated as a non-profit organization on May 6th2015. Our aim is to lead the cause of advocacy  for the community of widows in Trinidad and Tobago.

Our motto ‘Plead for the Widow’, compels us to raise awareness of the challenges faced by this often  neglected group within our society. In recent years, the impact of the global covid-19 pandemic has been a serious blow to many widows and their immediate families. Many of whom have lost the sole breadwinner of the family and face financial and other challenges.  In August 2021, widows were inducted as a vulnerable group in Trinidad and Tobago by the Honorable Minister Donna Cox.

In seeking to fulfil our mission, WATT has sought to partner with the government, individuals, groups and  corporations to provide assistance and opportunities for widows. We have been able to provide food support for over one hundred widows, arranged for guidance through the counseling unit of the Ministry of Social Development and Family Services and offered group grief support. We have hosted interviews with widows who shared their stories to encourage others and hosted educational and fun sessions for widows via zoom.

In moving forward, the organization promotes networking among widows. We appreciate that widows understand widows and what they experience. As such, we encourage widows to reach out to other widows to support each other. To facilitate this, we have formed several Charter groups in different communities across the country  to promote our ‘Widows Helping Widows’ program.

Together with our  various partners in  caring for widows, we seek to foster the following :

We encourage widows to seek help when needed. No one should be alone or lonely in the experiences of widowhood. 

  • We emphasize self care as most important during their time of grief.  Widows need to be patient with themselves.
  • Seek counseling for the themselves and family members. Talking to someone they trust.
  • Embrace the support of loved ones. Spend time with family and close friends.
  • Record their experiences (journaling), recall their precious memories,
  • Seek spiritual solace. Praying or meditating to stay in a positive state of mind.

On behalf of our board of directors and our executive team we welcome your valuable contribution to our worthy effort to help widows in our communities.

Judith Honore’, Secretary of WATT

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